Are you organic?

We do use pesticides on our crops to keep bugs or disease away; some of our sprays are labeled organic, but not all of them.

What farmers' markets do you attend & when do they start?

We attend many farmers' markets across Alabama; because of COVID-19, our attendance may vary for certain markets and rules/restrictions at each market may be different. Click here to see a full list of markets we will try to attend this summer!

When is peach season?

As with any fruit or vegetable, start and end times of production can vary based on weather. Typically, peach season starts late May and can last until mid-September. 


Do we have to make a reservation to pick?

You don't have to make a reservation! However, this year has been unusual, and we have been selling out early every day and closing completely on some days. We advise that if you are further away, please call ahead of time to check on availability of berries. We also especially suggest calling if you are a group of more than 10 to check availability.

What are your hours?

Please note, our hours and open days will vary this year because of increased demand due to COVID-19. It is always best to call ahead before coming to our patch. 

Do we get to keep the bucket?

Yes! You may keep the buckets you picked in. If you have no need for them, you can always bring them back next time you visit us, and we will wash and recycle them for others to pick in.

How many plants do you have & when is strawberry season?

We have about 160,000 plants this year! As always, weather can affect when we open or close for the season. Typically, we open around mid-March and stay open until late May. We always update our status on Facebook (Sugar Hill U-Pick Farms), so follow us to stay informed!

Do I have to bring my own buckets or wear rain boots?

You do not have to bring your own buckets; we provide them. As far as how you should dress, keep in mind that we are located in a very, very windy area. This means it will almost always be colder than other places, so bringing an extra jacket is a good precaution. If it has rained a significant amount in the past two days before your visit, we reccomend bringing rain boots if you have them. Some areas of the patch are lower and will gather water. We try our best to not put people on these rows, but sometimes it cannot be avoided when demand is super high.

Do you have bathrooms?

We have porta potties, including a handicap accessible one.

Can our children's school come?

Because of COVID-19, we are not doing any school trips this year. However, on a normal year, your child's school is  more than welcome to make a reservation to pick at our patch! 

Is there an admission fee?

No, you pay by the amount of buckets you pick.


Is there an admission fee?

Yes, there is a $10.00 admission fee for each person, 2 years old and up.

What's included in the admission fee?

With the admission fee, you get one pumpkin from the field, as well as almost all of our activities. The few exceptions are the corn cannon and cow train, which are an additional cost.

Is there a parking fee?

There is no parking fee. You just have to pay the admission fee at the front and get a stamp.

Are there concessions?

Yes! We have concessions; we are currently renovating our barn to include a newer, bigger concession stand.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, we have a no pet policy.

Is there a picnic area/playground?

Yes, we have plenty of picnic tables for you to have lunch on, as well as a fun playground for the kids! The playground includes slides, swings, a tire mountain, and more!

Do you do birthday parties or weddings?

Unfortunately, we are not doing any birthday party or wedding reservations at the moment. However, just notify us ahead of time and you can still bring a cake in and celebrate with us (we do not have special prices; it will just be regular admission fee for every person 2 years old and up).